• Final decision made: I’m quitting ALL social media over the the next month. It’s just not worth wading through the garbage that those platforms have become. I’m going back to the platform I loved from the start – my personal blog.

    November 25th, 2022 9:47am

  • Should I be surprised that someone waited until an hour before leaving for a holiday weekend to come to me with a problem that someone else caused, and that someone else happens to out of office on their own vacation? Nah…

    November 22nd, 2022 4:35pm

  • Going to do a Twitter sabbatical for a while. It’s been almost a year and a half since I last tweeted anyway, so will just keep it going for now. Taking a wait and see attitude.

    November 21st, 2022 9:01pm

  • Really struggling with whether I should remain on Twitter or not. It’s a useful tool, but then there’s a tool that’s running it now…

    November 20th, 2022 12:47pm

  • I think I’m going to attempt to write a Swift macOS app to make micro posts to my blog. If that works, then maybe an iOS app.

    November 19th, 2022 3:34pm

  • This Micro Post was made using AppleScript and MarsEdit to quickly post.

    November 19th, 2022 1:42pm

  • Using the WordPress iOS app to make a micro post

    November 19th, 2022 1:20pm

  • This is my first micro post. Testing, testing, one, two, three…

    November 19th, 2022 11:17am