Introducing Twitterrific! • The Breakroom

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of a brand new software product – Twitterrific. Over the past month or so, the workers have discovered the joys of Twitter.

I joined Twitter specifically because of Twitterific from the Icon Factory. I’m so sad, and pissed, that the dickhead running that shit show now decided to kill API access to third-party clients. A week or two ago, I had a sneaking suspicion this was about to happen.

Thank you to the Icon Factory, Tapbots, and all the other developers who worked so hard to create awesome macOS and iOS clients. They dealt with much shit from Twitter over the years, but the final stab was a total dick move to them and their customers.

I’ve decided to put Twitter down for a while and move to Mastodon. Hopefully, a day will come when the bird site is functional again, but not for me under the current half-assed management.