Spin Cycle

I’ve been around long enough to know life moves in cycles.

Things that were new and exciting one day eventually become dull and boring the next. The pursuit of shiny objects and interesting paths quickly fall by the wayside before you realize it. We move from one thing to the next and then another in search of a quick thrill, because we’ve become instant gratification junkies.

What if, instead, we intentionally slowed our lives down? What if we deliberately chose to look at the world in wonder like we did when we were young? What if we took time out to play like we did when we were children? What if we stopped to listen to what’s going on inside instead of burying our faces in smart devices that make us dumb?

We spend our adult lives working, chasing dreams, and running after material possessions we think will make us happy. But let me ask you; in all of your pursuits, are you truly content?

Is your soul really at peace?

If there’s any hint of hesitation in your answer, it might be time to step back, take a look at the bigger picture, and find what really fulfills you.

Your time on this pale blue dot is finite. It would be a tragic waste to get to the end and say “I wish I could have…” Maybe today should be the day you stop spinning cycles on unnecessary things that don’t matter.

The choice is yours. It has been all along.